A woman is blessed with so much power, that is given by the God Almighty. Now days there is no a single field where a woman cannot stand along man. Women are versatile in nature. They have ability to perform many tasks at a time. In Asia, it is most considered that the women should stay at home and she should perform her duties such as to take care of home, child, and other responsibilities. The Asian woman is supposed to be very good and active in these tasks. From the childhood, they have been trained for house keeping women. Asian women have all the rights to live their lives freely. They have an open choice of studies and jobs etc.

But the women have  the opportunity to start their business online through social media. With the advancement of technology, it makes easier to work. In this era, it is hard to survive on one person’s salary, to meet the both ends of life, husband and wife both start working for earnings. After this situation, a woman has a better opportunity to start her business on social media.

Here are some ideas and tips for women who want to start a business:

Online Selling Products:

Women can start their business as an online market. Online market means, you buy products like, women cosmetics, jewelry, bags, accessories and undergarments. Then you may post it on your Facebook account by making a page for customers. On that page you will show the picture of  the product with the price tag, on the same page you will provide the contact number or you can allow your customers to inbox you on Facebook. Then the next step is, you will need to hire a delivery boy or you may contact with the courier like TCS. The customer will give you information like:

All this information will be used in dispatch of the product.

This business for women is more easy, reliable and interesting to do on the  social network. Women just need to buy the products, post pictures of products on Facebook page, receive the order, contact to the TCS, TCS will deliver the product to the customer and receive the money from customer in case of Cash on delivery (COD). On the other hand, customers can pay the money through Debt/credit card or easy paisa  in countries like Pakistan.

Benefit for Women:

A Woman can start their online business through social networking. They can do this business even staying at home. There is no need to work outstation. This is the best opportunity for women starting their own business. This online business can be started with less amount of  investment and women can get more profit while sitting at home. It’s also easy for customer to buy things online. Now  days customers are  always searching for  an easy way to shop.