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Deep Fry Turkey Or Jazz it Up by Cooking it in a Variety of Other Delicious Ways

Catch on to a growing trend and deep fry turkey for your next holiday meal. Or tantalize the taste buds by smoking, grilling, roasting, or cooking your turkey on a rotisserie.
Impress family and friends with a succulent feast complete with all the trimmings and topped with a moist, tender, melt in your mouth turkey that will have everyone scrambling for seconds. You can stick to the more traditional roasting method, or you can add a little variety by trying something different.

Cooking the turkey is usually the most time consuming part of the meal preparation, and the method you choose will depend on your facilities, available tools, and personal preference. But no matter how you choose to cook your turkey, if it is done right, your dinner will be transformed from a simple meal to an unforgettable experience.

Deep Fry Turkey: Frying turkey is growing in popularity, due mostly to the super crispy skin and extremely moist meat. The oil cooks the skin quickly, helping to seal the turkey, allowing even the white meat to remain moist and tender without being greasy. Smaller turkeys are recommended for frying, preferably 8-10 pounds, since the cooking time required for larger birds could cause overcooking of the skin. Use an injector to infuse the turkey with a sauce or marinade, or simply rub the outside skin with a mixture of spices and flavorings, giving the meat a spicy, sweet, or exotic taste. Also, since frying a turkey takes only 3-5 minutes per pound, it is much less time consuming than other cooking methods.

Grilled Turkey: If you love to barbeque, grilling will give your turkey crispy skin, moist meat, and a fabulous flavor. And, it frees up your oven so you have room for all the fixings that will complement your delectable bird. You can place the turkey straight on the grill or, for a less smoky taste, use a roasting pan. It is important that the turkey you are grilling is not too large or the outside could burn before the inside is completely cooked. Therefore, this method is best for smaller birds. Of course, you can still baste the turkey, inject it with liquid seasoning, or smother it in your special, secret barbeque sauce. Whatever you choose, a grilled turkey will be a sure favorite and an appreciated variation.

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Smoked Turkey: Smoking will give your turkey a very different flavor from other methods, and will produce meat that is so moist it literally falls off the bones. Although a smoked turkey is very flavorful, it does require a smoker, wood chips or charcoal, and a lot of time. A 12 pound turkey will take 6-8 hours, and up to 14 hours will be required to cook a 20 pound bird. Although your turkey will be more tender than oven roasted, you will need to allow for a long cooking time. Of course, a smoker may be used both indoors or outdoors, freeing up your oven and giving you more room in your kitchen to work.

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Cook A Turkey on the Rotisserie: A rotisserie provides very slow, even cooking. Although you may have to plan on a longer cooking time, the turning action allows for self-basing, giving you juicy, moist meat. For quicker cooking or a more traditional flavor, you can use a countertop rotisserie; or, for some variety, set the spit up over a grill fired by wood or charcoal. The type of wood used will change the flavor of the meat.

Roasted Turkey: Oven roasted turkey is still a favorite, especially when making a traditional meal. This is the easiest method since you do not have to monitor temperature, worry about the safety issues often associated with deep frying, or the constant vigilance needed when grilling. Roasting is typically the only method that allows you to stuff the bird, so if you prefer this to stove top stuffing, then roasting is the way to go. And of course, all the juices gathering in the bottom of the pan make fabulous gravy – much better than mixes or canned.

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Your next turkey does not have to be cooked in the same traditional way you’ve always done it. Add some variety to its preparation and experience a heavenly, mouthwatering adventure that will leave everyone wanting more.

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