The impact and role Twitter has as a social networking site is undeniable. However, it was unlikely that Twitter would be used personally by potential candidates running for US presidency. The unlikely happened, and both Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton have excessively relied on Twitter to build their power and a solid presidential campaign as well. While Donald Trump has always been very blunt and non-empathetic when it came down to speaking on public platforms, the same could not be expected from Hillary Clinton. Therefore, it was a much of a shock and somewhat pleasant surprise to see Clinton and her team taking to Twitter to pursue their presidential campaign. It is all about women empowerment after all!

Twitter has great power!

It has been clearly seen from the US elections in 2016 that Twitter has great power. It was witnessed that whenever a single tweet came from Hillary Clinton or the opposition party; it stirred a long and intense political debate that was open for the world to see. The tactic here was to help people see true colors and true intentions of the possible next President-elect.

Hillary Clinton on Twitter

For the first time ever in American political history, the running candidates for presidency took to Twitter to run their campaign. Hillary Clinton, who was never believed to be such a public person, has had a very comprehensive and long-running Twitter presidency campaign. However, Hillary Clinton has surprised all her critics this time around with actively being involved with her 7,765,520 twitter active followers. In totality, Clinton has been named the 3rd most active and followed politician in the world! All thanks to her 2016 presidential campaign because this was the time when she engaged with the people to get them on her side and tell them to trust her with the future of America.

What did we saw in Clinton’s Tweets?

The amazing thing about Hillary Clinton’s tweets is that they are never direct and never personal. She does not engage in the blame game as she has made it clear, time and time again, that she does not believe in pulling someone down to rise. So, mostly what we get to see from her tweets is re-tweets and quotes or sayings of popular people. However, this was not it. There were many times as well when Hillary actually got personal and talked about serious issues for the 22,000+ follower that actively follow her on a daily basis.

Hillary Clintons’ Twitter Campaign Highlights

To sum it all up, the following are the highlights of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on Twitter during the 2016 elections.

  • Hillary took to Twitter to address the ongoing debate in regard of her ‘deleted emails’ that were being referred to as corruption. She openly spoke on the matter and allowed people to know what she felt about it.
  • People repeatedly asked her about her Clinton Foundation’s donations. She was always warm enough to answer them and as a result was able to gather replies such as ‘Hillary Clinton for President’ and ‘Go, girl, #womenpower’
  • The only time Clinton got personal and directly communicated with opponent Donald Trump was she told him to delete his twitter account because of it was not needed for. Trump retaliated by asking her how long her team took for thinking of a suitable answer.